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XDS Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Development System Integration with MS Developer Studio (VC++ 6.0)

Third party product announcement, last updated 25-May-2000

Would you like a full featured Windows debugger for XDS Native Modula-2/Oberon-2? A more comfortable programming environment? More interfacing capabilities?

VC_XDS seamlessly integrates the XDS Native Modula-2/Oberon-2 compiler with Microsoft Visual Studio (VC 6.0): Zero special operating tools nor menus are required. VC_XDS works completely transparent. If you are used to Visual Studio, you will only notice the difference in the source language that you use.

If you never used Visual Studio: you should have. There is nothing like it. After working with it for years (in C++) we are still enthusiastic about this incredible programming tool. We wanted to do some coding in Modula-2, but in terms of the environment we just couldn't stand going back to anything less than the VS. That's why we created VC_XDS. We are certain that, if you only knew it, you would not hesitate to buy the Visual Studio along with VC_XDS for use with XDS Modula-2/Oberon, even if you didn't plan to ever write any C/C++ code.

With VC_XDS, you can take full advantage of VC's grand luxe Windows debugger, and of the entire set of resource tools. As usual in the VC environment, the debugger displays the source code right in the colored-syntax editor, where it remains fully editable during debugging. The complete debugging environment including breakpoints and cursor positions is preserved across multiple programming sessions.

In the multi-project workspace you can mix and match Modula2 and C++ projects. Options and libraries for mutual DLL imports are generated automatically. This makes it easy, for example, to create ATL-ActiveX interfaces into Modula-2 DLL's. The debugger seamlessly switches between C++ and Modula-2/Oberon sources, and can even trace into Visual Basic source if Modula-2 code is called from it.

Here is a brief list of the VC_XDS features:

  • - uses VC's original Build / Build all menus
  • - automatically switches between XDS and C++ compilers
  • - creates import libraries for cross-language DLL imports
  • - integrates app wizards for new Modula-2 EXE and DLL projects. Ready-to-build MODULE skeletons and resource files including an application icon are created automatically.
  • - generates a Modula 2 resource header from the VC "resource.h" and automatically links VC resources to Modula-2 executables
  • - comes with Setup program, Help file, and a ready-to-build sample project featuring a Modula-2 exe importing a C/C++ DLL, which in turn imports a function from a Modula-2 DLL.

For more details about availability and pricing, please send an email to AZService@swissonline.ch

[Sadly, the developper of VC_XDS passed away in Nov-2004; the availability status of VC_XDS is unkown.]

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