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03-Jul-2011: "RT-11 Internals" (39 pages) by Ian Hammond from "the minitasker, decus rt-11 sig newsletter, volume. 10, number 5, December 1984"

and "The Design of RT-11" (49 pages) by Ian Hammond from decus Munich trainings course; both articles are republished here with the author's authorization.

28-Feb-2010: "RT-11 Version 10" by Ian Hammond from "the minitasker, decus rt-11 sig newsletter, volume 11, number 1, March 1985".

and "RT-11 - a system whose time has come" by Ian Hammond from "DECUSER", May 1984; both articles are republished here with the author's authorization.

    Latest news from Ian Hammond:

    RUST/SJ is Ian Hammond's implementation of RT-11/SJ operating system. RUST/SJ will boot on real PDP-11s, [and on the emulators] V11, E11 and SIMH.

    V11.EXE is a Windows executable that emulates a PDP-11 (MMU but no FPU) The RUST kit has everything, including V11.EXE. It's all going to the public domain [some day]. RUST has access to Windows files via a V11 pseudo-network emulation.

    SHE.EXE is a Windows executable that provides a more RT-11-like command shell for Windows. In particular, SHE supports DEC-like logical names for most operations. [V11 is started under SHE by typing 'V11 rust', which boots rt-11 file rust.dsk which contains RUST/SJ system disk.]

    Note, the RUST/SJ monitor is substantially larger than RT-11's monitor [especially because USR can't be set SWAP]. More memory can be obtained by using the V11 /LSI option which creates a 30kW [60KB] machine [half-size IOpage].

    For more details see RUST website. (ModulaWare's Modula-2/VRS (see article below) for PDP-11 (with MMU)/RT-11 runs on RUST/SJ [with a few restrictions].)

07-Sep-2009: added extended german description of "Porting the Oberon System to AlphaAXP":
"64-Bit-Portierung des Alpha-Oberon-Systems und des Oberon-2-Compilers" by Hartmut Goebel

05-Jun-2008 (updated 04-Mar-2010): added historical documentation from the time before the internet:

. . .

03-Nov-2001 new ModulAtor issue Nr. 84, Shcherbatyuk: A language extension for programming abstractions without objects

11-May-2001 new page ModulaTor issue 83: Dotzel: Variable parameter list using open arrays and ISO Modula-2's array constructors.

11-May-2001 added links to the [UN]SIGNED_64 64 bit whole number conversion support definition modules of [S]WholeL* in Modula-2 and Oberon-2 OpenVMS Alpha Compiler Implementations Notes article, which itself is now also linked in The ModulaTor article list.

02-May-2001 added Oberon links added, some new links for english, many new for german, french, and japanese language.

12-Apr-2001 new page ModulaTor issue 82: McIntosh: Who is using the Oberon System?

12-Apr-2001 new page ModulaTor issue 81: Dotzel: Oberon-2 from 32 bit to 64 bit -- without any programming language change (02-May-2001 added links to OOC and VO)

Fixed link to Uni Linz in the Modula-2 links page.

20-Jun-2000: Alpha Oberon page extended (development history, etc).

31-May-2000: JMLC 2000 call for participation and links to final programme added.

22-May-2000: Back from a business tripp, where I was hurt by a strike of AirFrance, now the French public postal service La Poste is on strike! Again! When I ask in the post office about the strike, the officers pretend not to know anything about that strike. Seems that La Poste does not like to spread the news about the strike, which is obviously happening in certain sectors in France. Some letters are delayed for weeks now. They talk about globalisation and at the same time they are still living in the violent mid-ages, where identification was an unknown word.
No coincidence, but as I started to complain, end of May-2000, La Poste announces yet another strike [at least in our departement]. At the same time, public services in Germany announce country-wide strikes. These are the same citizens who complain about the week Euro. [and in 2008 they complain about the strong Euro.] As checks and invoiced are delayed, destruction of wealth is going on. Of course, nobody is responsible. You not even get a refund for the postage paid. Rose Wilder Lane wrote 70 years ago: "You can't equal European reality!". By then it became even worse. Now it's getting ugly.

16-May-2000: New third party product: Integration of XDS/NC under WNT with MS Developer Studio (VC++ 6.0) takes full advantage of VC's grand luxe Windows debugger.

08-Nov-1999: Small design change in home-page. Update of latest version numbers in OpenVMS Modula-2 and Oberon-2 compiler page, plus correction of the ETHZ-Oberon home-page link (the second time this year). New anti-Modula-2 link and comment in Modula-2 link-page. Added a link and more detailed description about OpenVMS boot on AXP PCI-boards in 64 bit compiler page.

12-Aug-1999: added a link to the so-called Web-Democratizer Crit.org. [was removed later when Crit.org website became unresponsive.]

added link to SHARC Oberon-2 DSP cross compiler in Oberon links

04-Jul-1999: New ModulaTor issue, nr. 80: Gutknecht/Reali: Joint Modular Language Conference JMLC 2000 Call for Papers

29-Oct-1999: improved design for .modulaware.com home-page

22-Jun-1999: OM2 compiler for DOS retired. This product was replaced by XDS for Windows.

11-Jun-1999: New ModulaTor issue, nr. 79: Gerber: A Digital Contrarian (Prof. Niklaus Wirth) Retires

30-Apr-1999: New ModulaTor issue, nr. 78: Ryser: A minimal self-reproducing program written in Oberon

24-Apr-1999: Added new page with general book recommendations (science, economy, political philosophy, personal finance)

27-Mar-1999: The ModulaTor, issue nr. 77 now available: 64 bit Virtual Regions with Modula-2 on OpenVMS Alpha

25-Mar-1999: Added a new navigator in home-page for the new OpenVMS Webring. Other OpenVMS related sites are invited to join this webring.

20-Mar-1999: Revised the chapters 22, 23, and 24 (product availability, software developed with MaX and A2O) in Modula-2 and Oberon-2 OpenVMS Alpha Implementation Notes

20-Mar-1999: Added latest news in http://www.modulaware.com/mw64bit.htm about Compaq's (former Digital) 64 bit OpenVMS Alpha operating system, which is now free for personal use. Follow the links there to find the files necessary to run OpenVMS Alpha on (Digital) Multia desktop workstation, which are available for as low as $99 from online auction sites.

18-Mar-1999: New main page in German.

18-Mar-1999: New OpenVMS hobby license link in home-page. 64 bit OpenVMS Alpha V7.2 operating system license now free for personal use.

18-Mar-1999: Created new the Modula-2 Webring. Other Modula-2 related sites are invited to join this webring.

17-Mar-1999: Created new pages: What is a 64 bit compiler? and started an Oberon systems and compiler implementations list(OSCI). OSCI is open for submissions of other Oberon compiler and system developers.

16-Feb-1999: Updated the following pages/articles:
64 bit OpenVMS Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Compiler
Data Sheet: OpenVMS Alpha and VAX Modula-2 Compiler (PostScript version, file: mvrdatps.gz deleted),
64 bit Modula-2 for OpenVMS Alpha -- Implementation Notes, and
Migration of 32 bit Modula-2 programs to 64 bit on OpenVMS Alpha

09-Feb-1999: Removed all references to linkexchange.

07-Feb-1999: Appended the chapter "Education and Amusement" with direct links to the books recommended in the ModulaTor Forum of issue nr. 76

28-Jan-1999: The ModulaTor, issue nr. 76 is now available Migration of 32 bit Modula-2 programs to 64 bit on OpenVMS Alpha. Here is a quote from the introduction:

> Remember, a 64 bit Modula-2 compiler offers you
> You might not want to migrate your applications to 64 bit,
> because you don't need the very large 64 bit address space.
> There might however be some reasons to consider a 64 bit migration...

26-Jan-1999: The five different algorithms "how to count bits" are now 64 bit upward compatible. Oberon-2 and Modula-2 source code included; compiles with 32 bit and 64 bit compilers.

16-Dec-1998: Added direct links for books mentioned in articles and books recommended in the forum section of those ModulaTor issues, which are marked with a "*" in front of the issue number in http://www.modulaware.com/mdltr_.htm

16-Dec-1998: Added additional book and a short author's biography in the recommended reading section of The ModulaTor Nr. 66.

29-Nov-1998: Published the ModulaTor, issue nr. 75 (2nd ed.), entitled 64 bit Modula-2 for OpenVMS Alpha -- Implementation Notes by Günter Dotzel

24-Nov-1998: Included interface module of modules Put and Ref in meta-programming programming example Test_Put.Mod

21-Nov-1998: Added direct links for books mentioned in articles and books recommended in the forum section of those ModulaTor issues, which are marked with a "*" in front of the issue number in http://www.modulaware.com/mdltr_.htm

18-Nov-1998: Corrected the formula for OpenVMS date/time calculation in the article entitled The Year 10000 Problem.

14-Nov-1998: Added direct links for books mentioned in articles and books recommended in the forum section of those ModulaTor issues, which are marked with a "*" in front of the issue number in http://www.modulaware.com/mdltr_.htm

14-Nov-1998: Added book recommendation to http://www.modulaware.com/mdlt74.htm

12-Nov-1998: Added a short description to the most important Oberon and Modula-2 books in the bibliography

11-Nov-1998: Added Y2K-compliance and some other minor details to the feature list of the OpenVMS Modula-2 and Oberon-2 compiler.

20-Oct-1998: Added the correct document title in all html-files of the ModulaTor issues.

19-Oct-1998: Press releases for AOS, A2O, MaX now in html format; added hyper-links to corresponding data sheets, implementation notes and articles.
Oberon-2 features (in German) now in html-format.
Oberon-2 LALR-syntax now in a separate page.
Added What's new (this page).

30-Sep-1998: Added modulaware.com site-index.

10-Sep-1998: Corrected 64 bit address extension of A2O.

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