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Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Compiler for HP OpenVMS Alpha and VAX

The programming languages Modula-2 and Oberon-2


The programming language Modula-2 was developed by Niklaus Wirth to be the logical successor of Pascal. Modula-2 is a flexible, modular language available on a variety of platforms. The main features of Modula-2 are module concept, separate compilation with full type check and a systematic, modern syntax. Modula-2 is especially well suited for the programming of complex software systems and allows efficient low-level machine access and multiprogramming. Modula-2 corrects Pascal's shortcomings in all aspects and was designed to replace Pascal and all incompatible derivates thereof.

The Modula-2 language reference

Niklaus Wirth: Programming in Modula-2, 3rd ed., Springer Verlag, 1985.


Oberon-2 was developed by Niklaus Wirth and Hanspeter Mössenböck; Oberon-2 is the world's smallest object-oriented language which nevertheless provides the power to tackle todays mega-software projects. Only the simplest tools allow the construction of reliable and extensible complex software systems. Oberon-2 is a concise polymorphic OOP-language with inheritance via record type extension. Oberon-2 is a step beyond Modula-2 and Pascal in that it is simpler but more powerful than Modula-2.

The Oberon language reference

Martin Reiser, Niklaus Wirth: Programming in Oberon, Addison Wesley, 1992.

The Oberon-2 language reference

Hanspeter Mössenböck: Object Oriented Programming in Oberon-2, Springer Verlag, 1993.

All above mentioned books are also available in German.

Download Oberon programming language and Oberon System books:

Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Compiler for OpenVMS

These products were developed and are maintained by ModulaWare

Modula-2 and Oberon-2 native-code compiler for HP Alpha and VAX under the OpenVMS operating system

Latest versions:

Common features of MaX/MVR/A2O:

Press releases, data sheets, and implementation notes

You can download or view the below press releases, data sheets and implementation notes in plain ascii text. Some articles are also available in PostScript format (gzip-compressed):

OpenVMS Alpha Modula-2 press release: MaX
OpenVMS Alpha Oberon-2 press release: A2O
OpenVMS Alpha & VAX Modula-2 data sheet (22KB html)
OpenVMS Alpha & VAX Oberon-2 data sheet (23KB html)
OpenVMS Alpha Modula-2 & Oberon-2 implementation notes (63KB html) (latest edition 20-Mar-1999)
OpenVMS Alpha Modula-2 & Oberon-2 The Year 10000 problem
OpenVMS Alpha Oberon-2 Compiler 64 bit address extension (A2O V3.0)
OpenVMS Alpha Modula-2 Compiler 64 bit address extension (MaX V5.0)
OpenVMS Alpha Modula-2 Application program migration from 32 bit to 64 bit (MaX V5)
OpenVMS Alpha Modula-2 64 bit Virtual Regions with Modula-2 on OpenVMS Alpha
Test Programs for the ISO Modula-2 Standard I/O Library

Oberon-2 LALR-Syntax
What is a 64 bit Compiler? (latest edition 20-Mar-1999)
Was ist Oberon-2? (a short Oberon-2 language description in German)

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