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Modula-2 Compiler MaX V5 for OpenVMS Alpha and MVR V4 for OpenVMS VAX

with ISO Modula-2 Language Extensions

and ISO Modula-2 Standard Library

0. Introduction

1. Modula-2 Language Features

2. MaX | MVR Separate Library

3. Standard Functions and Procedures

4. MaX | MVR Implementation details

Per module means per compilation unit in the following:

5. Summary of ISO Modula-2, 10154 (2nd Committee Draft, 1992) Language Extensions of ModulaWare's OpenVMS Alpha & VAX Modula-2 Compiler:

Note that all previous MaX | MVR language features which are in conflict with the new ISO M2 rules are still allowed by using the /NOISO compilation qualifier.

MaX | MVR supports the full set of the ISO Modula-2 Standard Library, but ISO Modula-2's exception reporting procedures of standard library modules are not yet implemented (raise "notAvailable" exception).

6. Further Details about OpenVMS Modula-2:

64 bit OpenVMS Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Compiler (main page)
OpenVMS Alpha Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Compiler -- Implementation Notes
64 bit Modula-2 for OpenVMS Alpha -- Implementation Notes
Migration of 32 bit Modula-2 programs to 64 bit on OpenVMS Alpha

New: Since 01-Mar-1999, the latest version of Compaq's (formerly Digital) 64 bit OpenVMS Alpha V7.2 is free for personal use; see latest news section in What is a 64 bit Compiler?.

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