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Ubaye's First Independent Modula-2 & Oberon-2 Journal! Nr. 10, Nov-1996

TopSpeed-like Modula-2 library demos

Two TopSpeed demo programs were ported to XDS using the TS-like Modula-2 library set. The source code is available from the Internet at ModulaWare's XDS-mirror.

XRC: XDS Resource Compiler for Windows NT/95

The XDS Resource Compiler (XRC) V1.10 for Windows NT/95 is now available. XRC will be bundled with the next release of the XDS native code compiler, but owners of XDS/NC v2.2x may download and start using it immediately.

Note: Win32 SDK is NOT a prerequisite, since the definitions of all Win32 symbols are supplied in the XDS distribution kit.

XRC part of XDS distribution kit. For more information about XDS, click here.

H2D: Converter from C-header to Modula-2 Definition

OS/2, Windows NT/95, Linux, HP-UX, and Sparc editions of H2D v1.17 are now available.

The APIs of the most popular operating systems and layered products as well as the interfaces for a huge set of free, shareware, and commercial libraries, are usually specified in terms of the C language.

The H2D utility translates C header files (*.h) into Modula-2 definition modules. This allows XDS Modula-2 and Oberon-2 programmers to import foreign language routines.

xTech, Ltd. distributes H2D as freeware in order to encourage more programmers to use Modula-2 and Oberon-2.

H2D is intended to be used with our XDS family of Modula-2/Oberon-2 systems, but it can be easiliy adapted to other Modula-2 compilers.

H2D for OS/2 and WNT/W95 with documentation in PostScript format is available from the download page at the XDS product pages.

PMOS now available for XDS OS/2 edition

by Peter Moylan

Recently I've been working on porting my PMOS library to work with the OS/2 native edition of XDS. A new version is now available. The description is available on the Internet at:

Zip file: (232005 bytes)

It's not quite up to professional level yet, but I judge that it's now ready for beta-testing.

The library is a collection of useful Modula-2 source files. It's free for non-profit use.

At this stage there are relatively few system dependencies, so it would probably be not too hard to port it to, for example, a Windows version of XDS. (This probably won't remain true for future versions, as I move to a more extensive use of OS features.)

Peter Moylan

XDS Benchmarks

The new benchmark package for XDS native code Oberon-2 and Modula-2 compiler for WNT/Win95 are now available from the XDS website.

Benchmark results for release V2.21 and upcoming V2.30 (no release date can yet be given), obtained running on a Pentium-133 under Windows NT 4.0:

           V2.21     V2.30
           ------    ------
Drystone   375000    600000
Kalah      73 sec    76 sec
LinPack   18222.9   20844.9
Whetstone    86.5     128.0

OM2-XDS ANSI C Generator V2.21 now available

The XDS C translator V2.21 is now available and it will be send to all clients with non-expired update service.

The new versions V2.21 of the XDS C translator now include an IDE for WNT/Win95, OS/2 Warp, Linux, Sparc, HP-9000/HP-UX.

More news from XDS engineering arrived:

The XDS C translator for DOS will be frozen at V2.11 for various reasons. But it is of course still possible to run XDS under WNT/W95, OS/2, or Linux in order to produce the ANSI C code, which is then compiled under DOS.

ModulaWare offers the XDS/C DOS clients who want to migrate to V2.21 the choice to select either the WNT/W95, OS/2, or Linux version for cross development.

This would cost US$ 150.- which is just a compensation for the improved functionality provided by the new IDE of XDS.

Those XDS/C DOS clients with non-expired update service, who don't like that offer, get a refund of the proportional amount paid for update service for the time period from the delivery date of V2.11 until the expiration date pf their update service.

Oberon to HMTL Converter

In addition to the Oberon-text to Latex Converter, called Edit2Latex.Mod, as announced in the last issue of the ModulaTor, there is now another useful tool for those tired in HTML programming:

An Oberon-text to HMTL Converter, called HTML.Mod (size only 10 KB).

It is available for Oberon System 3 and V4.

HTML.Compile can handle title, headlines, normal and preformatted text, italics, hyperlinks, item lists, and horizontal rulers.

This very simple tool also contains its inverse function, HTML.Show, to view the generated HTML code in an Oberon-text.

HTML is now contained in AlphaOberon. The HTML source code is also contained in the the Oberon System 3 source archive at the server

XDS mailing list

The best way to get timely news about the XDS Oberon-2 and ISO Modula-2 developement system, is to subscribe to the XDS mailing list. It's not a high volume mailing list: In average there were two messages per week during the past couple of months.

The mailing list is open for everyone interested in XDS. xTech, Ltd. posts news, FAQs, technical hints, etc. to this list. To subscribe to the XDS mailing list, send a message with following text


You get help information about how to use the mailing list by sending a message with a following text:

Note that the subject field of messages to the list server is not processed.

Working with AlphaOberon

With the release of the new, improved version of AlphaOberon, the Oberon System V4 for DEC Alpha under OpenVMS, The ModulaTor issue #63: "Working with AlphaOberon", was updated; the 3rd edition is now available from the Internet at

Oberon Juice Authoring Tool

University of California at Irvine announces the Juice Authoring Tool for Oberon System 3 and an updated Juice plug-in.

The Juice Authoring Tool will help you to:
* Develop Juice applets
* Test and Debug Juice applets
* Experiment with the Juice API

The Juice Authoring Tool includes:
* A tutorial with step by step instructions on how to build a first Juice applet.
* The complete API documentation.
* The source code of all applets visible on our demo-page.
* A System 3 Juice plug-in that facilitates executing Juice applets within the Oberon Programming Environment.

The Juice Authoring Tool is currently included in the latest Oberon System 3 release for Macintosh computers. An updated version of "Spirit of Oberon" with Juice Authoring Tool will soon be available.

For more information about Juice or Oberon please refer to:

Upon request, we have created a new Juice mailing-list. The scope of the Juice mailing-list can be defined as follows:
* Technical discussions regarding Juice.
* Information and Announcements of Juice and related software.

Posts to the list should go to <>. To subscribe to the mailing-list or unsubscribe from the list, mail your request to <>

Thomas Kistler

The ModulaTor Forum

What You Must Read:

Digital Technical Journal (DTJ), DEC, Littleton, MA 01460 U.S.A., Vol. 8, number 2, 1996:

1. Extending OpenVMS for 64-bit Adressable Virtual Memory (pp. 57-71).

2. The OpenVMS Mixed Pointer Size Environment (pp. 72-82).

3. Adding 64-bit Pointer Support to a 32-bit Run-time Library (pp. 83-95).

This DTJ issue also features four interesting articles about the design and integration of the new OpenVMS Spiralog file system which exploits VLM (very large memory, i.e. 64 bit address space) and explains why the OpenVMS Backup-utility runs much faster with Spiralog.

The recent issues of DTJ are also available on the Internet at

Book Recommendation:

Ayn Rand: For the New Intellectual, Signet (non-fiction), Penguin Books, New York, 1961. 192 pages, with excerpts of her other famous, bestseller books:
We the Living (1936, special 60th anniversary edition, 1996),
Anthem (1946
, special 50th anniversary edition, 1996),
The Fountainhead (first published in 1943, the nature of the second hander, the soul of a collectivist, the soul of an individualist; see short description in the Forum section of, and
Atlas Shrugged (1957, The meaning of money, the martyrdom of the industrialists, the moral meaning of capitalism, the meaning of sex, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs", the forgotten man of socialized medicine, the nature of an artist, "this is John Galt speaking"),

In this book Ayn Rand explains her philosophy of Objectivism.

IMPRESSUM: The ModulaTor is an unrefereed journal. Technical papers are to be taken as working papers and personal rather than organizational statements. Items are printed at the discretion of the Editor based upon his judgement on the interest and relevancy to the readership. Letters, announcements, and other items of professional interest are selected on the same basis. Office of publication: The Editor of The ModulaTor is Guenter Dotzel; he can be reached by tel/fax: [removed due to abuse] or by mailto:[email deleted due to spam]

Most of the ModulaTor back-issues can be downloaded from in plain-ascii text and GNUzip-compressed PostScript format.

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