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Ubaye's First Independent Modula-2 & Oberon-2 Journal! Nr. 10, Nov-1995

Overview: Oberon Systems, Compilers, Papers

[Ed. note: this months you get more metainformation only. Even the amount of metainformation available grew substantially, so there is danger to get lost even at this level. The ModulaTor helps you to find the right sources, be it software, reports or leisure books. If you have problems to get any part of software or publications mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact me.]

Oberon compiler and system implementations list from WWW page


  1.  ETH - V4 (free):
     SunOs - Solaris - DECstation - RS6000 - HP700 - IRIX
     Linux - Windows - MacII - Amiga - Ceres
  2.  ETH - System3 (free):
     SunOs - MSDOS - Linux - MacII - PowerMac - Windows
  3.  PowerMac V4 Oberon - Free
  4.  AlphaAXP V4 Oberon - Free Oberon system for OSF/Motif on Alpha's.
     The compiler is unbundled and is commercial. More details here
  5.  OS/2 V4 Oberon (shareware. contact. )
  6.  NextOberon (V4 for Intel/Motorola NextStep OS. contact )
  7.  MSDOS V2 Oberon (free, from ETH. Old and obsolete pkg. see Logic
     Magicians Oberon)
  8.  Logic Magicians Oberon (free V2 and shareware V4 system - DOS.
     contact )
  9.  Native PC System 3 Oberon || another Native PC Oberon effort



 10.  Oberon/F - Commercial compiler/environment for Windows/Mac.
     Provides an integrated development
     for writing platform independant applications. Fully functional
     versions available via ftp. contact.
 11.  JACOB (free native linux Oberon-2 compiler. contact )
 12.  pOt (free, portable Oberon-1 to C translator w/src. Has
     based on original Ceres compiler sources.
     contact: email, or home-page )
 13.  O2C - Free portable Oberon-2 to (a gcc-specific dialect of) C
     translator w/src. contact .
 14.  Ofront Commercial Oberon-2 to C translator. announcement. contact
 15.  GPO - Commercial Oberon-2 compilers for Intel i386/i486 (under SVR4,
     Linux, DJGPP, Windows-NT and OS/2), Sun SPARC under Solaris, MIPS
     R3000 under Ultrix, and Digital's Alpha-AXP under OSF/1.
     Free versions for Linux/OS2 are available here . contact .
 16.  POW - Commercial Oberon-2 compiler/IDE/library for MS-Windows.
     Free for private/educational use. contact . ftp.
 17.  ModulaWare - Commercial Oberon-2 stand-alone, native code compilers:
   1. A2O for DEC Alpha AXP/OpenVMS.
   2. H2O for VAX/OpenVMS. An old evaluation version is available here.
   3. OM2 for MSDOS (runs under Windows/OS2). A DOS GUI/IDE/API called
      Mithril is also available for OM2.
   4. OM2-XDS Oberon-2 to C translator.
   5. others for: SCO-Unix/M680x0/SunOs/Solaris.
 18.  contact
 19.  XDS - Commercial Oberon-2 to C translators and stand-alone, native compilers.
     The XDS suite of tools is developed by xTech, and is also marketed by
     PMI, Robinson-Associates, and Modulaware.
     xTech compilers include:
     XDS/NC for MSDOS - native 32bit Oberon-2 compiler.
     XDS/C - Oberon-2 to C translators. Versions for MSDOS, Mac, OS/2 and
     many Unix machines are available.
     xTech ftp. Xtech contact. PMI ftp. PMI contact. ModulaWare contact.
     Robinson Associates contact .
 20.  Oberon960 (commercial Oberon-2 compiler generating 80960 code. More
     info here )
 21.  MPW-Oberon2 (free Oberon-2 compiler for MPW env. contact . ftp )
 22.  STJ-Oberon-2 (shareware Atari-TOS (68030) compiler. contact )
 23.  ST-Oberon - Free Atari (68000) version of the OP2-Oberon-2 compiler. contact.
 24.  Oberon-A - Free (GPL) native Amiga Oberon-2 compiler w/src. contact .
     mailing-list info . ftp.
 25.  Amiga Oberon - Commercial native Amiga Oberon-2 compiler.
     w/garbage collection.
 26.  Ulm's Oberon - Free, native Sun3 Oberon-1 compiler (w/garbage-collection)
     and libs for events, exception-handling, IO, concurrency and synchronisation,
     persistency, network programming, distributed system. w/src. contact . ftp .
 27.  COP2 - Free Oberon-2 to C translator. Comes as a MSDOS executable. No
     garbage collection. Some serious language limitations.
 28.  OberonM v1.2 - Free native MSDOS (not protected mode) oberon-1
     compiler. no garbage collection.


29.  Implementations with publicly available SOURCE:
  (note: links to the packages mentioned here are in the previous sections)

  1.  The original source from the book 'Project Oberon' is available here.
     Note, this is the source from the book, _NOT_ V4 of the sysetm.
     Written entirely in Oberon-1. Includes N.Wirths original compiler.
  2.  ETH Ceres V4 system:
     A source-code only distribution, which evolved from the original
     'Project Oberon' source.
  3.  ETH MacII V4 system:
     Comes with complete source code, including for the compiler.
     The compiler is based on OP2 , originally by R.Crelier.
     The original ETH distribution comes as a MacII self-extracting archive.
     For those of you with no access to a Mac, here you can find a
     .ZIP (250KB) file of the source files (converted to ASCII).
  4.  Logic-Magicians V4 and V2 Oberon for DOS:
     Includes some, but not all source-code. Specifically, no compiler source.
  5.  pOt: Oberon-1 to C translator, based on the original 'Project Oberon' compiler.
  6.  Oberon-A: Native Amiga Oberon-2 compiler, based on NW's original Oberon-1
  7.  Ulm Oberon: Includes native Sun-3 Oberon-1 compiler and extensive libraries.
  8.  O2C: Oberon-2 to C translator.

30.  Packages:
  1.  Coco - V4+docs - Compiler front-end generator. See also here for
     DOS,Macintosh,C,Modula-2 versions, and here for a System-3 version.
  2.  Dialogs (free V4 GUI library)
  3.  Depot4 (extensible translator-generator in Oberon (w/src). papers , contact.)
  4.  Expr (A package for editing and displaying mathematical expressions
     within text documents, and for interfacting mathematical software.
     For V4. some papers are available here.)
  5.  PowerMac V4 Oberon Runtime Debugger ( documentation . contact )
  6.  A package demonstrating a simple approach for emulating
     genericity in Oberon under Unix, using some text-processing
     scripts. ftp. contact.

31.  Research Projects:
  1.  The GPM project - has produced some papers especially relevant
     for Oberon compiler implementors
  2.  Project Voyager (An extensible portable programming environment
     for statistical computing and simulation, based on Oberon.)
  3.  The Hybrid project - They've written a microkernel (in Oberon)
     which can host Oberon System-3. ftp.
  4.  Action Oberon (an interactive Oberon based environment for
     executing and monitoring action systems)
  5.  GIPSY project (A Generator for Integrated Process Support Systems)
  6.  Linz University projects
  7.  ETH research
32.  Papers/Online publications:
  1.  ETH: various || newsletter || TR's ( more ) || dissertations ( more )
  2.  Linz: papers || reports
  3.  Design of a distributed Oberon system paper
  4.  Slides for "extensible software systems in oberon"
  5.  The Oberon Tribune - The Oberon/F Technical Newsletter
  6.  Modulator journal (PS files are available. This journal usually
     runs Modula-2 related stuff, but there is plenty of Oberon too).
  7.  Oberon animation system paper ( abstract )
  8.  The Role of Programming Languages in the Life-Cycle of Safe Systems .
     By C Szyperski and J Gough. October 1995.
  9.  Choosing an Object Development Language - Discussing the
     Trade-offs. The Oberon Perspective
     (Contribution to Panel Discussion. Clemens Szyperski. June 95)
33.  Various:
  1.  WWW pages: ETH || Ulm || Linz || Aubrey's page || John Andrea's page
  2.  Oberon User Group: WWW || FTP (hades)
  3.  Spirit of Oberon WWW page - Home page for the ETH Windows System 3
  4.  FTP sites: Statlib - a big mirror site || Simtel Oberon directory || Stellenbosch
  5.  ETH FTP sites: neptune (official) || huxly (System 3 stuff)
  6.  FAQ
  7.  Yahoo page
  8.  Dnia (commercial Oberon based programming environment for
     development of software for real-time systems. contact )
  9.  Oberon-2 lex/yacc grammers
 10.  Green Eggs report for comp.lang.oberon
 11.  Oakwood guidelines for Oberon compiler implementors:
      Text version . Postscript version.
      Here are some comments about this document from comp.lang.oberon.
 12.  Discussion:
     1. The newsgroup: comp.lang.oberon
     2.  The oberon-a: mailing-list
 13.  A German site containing Amiga-Oberon sources .
 14.  A web-page called 'Oberon System V4 Programs' by by Ralf Degner

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[Ed. note: The right to republish this article was granted by Dr Clemens Szyperski, email, in 21-Nov-1995 and by the copyright owner Erich Leach, c/o Object World UK 95 Conference, London, June 1995, where the article appeared at the Panel on "Choosing an Object Development Language - The Tradeoffs".]

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Recommended Reading

1. James L. Payne: "Princess Navina visits Mandaat", Lytton Publishing Company, Sandpoint Idaho, USA, 1994 (55 pages). ISBN 0-915728109

2. James L. Payne: "Princess Navina visits Malvolia", Lytton Publishing Company, Sandpoint Idaho, USA, 1990 (54 pages). ISBN 0-915728095

A nice christmas present, not only well suited for childrens: 'Satire is alive and well!
Every age has its political absurdities, and every age has its classic satire to expose and refute them: from Gulliver's Travels and Candide in the 18th century to Animal Farm in 1940s. Now, at last, the welfare state gets its come-up-pance in Princess Navina Visits Malvolia.
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Illustrations show the delightfully vexing Malvolian conveniences: beds, doors, wagons, and, of course, the dugeball. This tale is simple, yet spotting all the hidden meanings will keep the astute reader tantalized for years.'

"Clever book."
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Author and Editor, The American Spectator.

The above books are difficult to find. Try Laissez Faire Books

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