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Nr. 89, Mar-2004

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A very short summary of Niklaus Wirth's talk at the Oberon Day @ CERN, 10-March-2004

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Efficient Programming for Sciences and Engineering in the 21st Century

Niklaus Wirth
Niklaus Wirth at 70. His books...

Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler:

The Programming Language Oberon

  1. Historical perspective
  2. The benefits of simplicity, and the curse of complexity
  3. Oberon for embedded systems
  4. "Efficient Programming for Sciences and Engineering in the 21st Century
Jürg Gutknecht's presentation Oberon and its purity (WMV) about the language Oberon, its purity and hence not so obvious features, where it goes beyond Java and C#. He shared a 'nonplussable' story about the Cedar operating system which in a new release regularly hung up after a while. He asked the responsible 'guru' if the new release could be called a progress if it hangs in contrast to previous release. The guru's reply: yes! because with the new release we know why it hangs whereas with the previous release we didn't know why it didn't hang. ;)

Wojtek Skulskis presentation Experiment control and data acquisition using BlackBox Component Builder (PDF)

F. Tkachov's presentation Oberon: New Dimensions For Design Of Algorithms For Scientific Applications (PDF)

Roberto Brega's presentation Reliability in real-time: Why strong-typed programming languages matter (PDF)

Niklaus Wirth's presentation Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler: The Programming Language Oberon (PDF)

Although not presented at Oberon day, Michael Franz's Oberon — The Overlooked Jewel (PDF) is worth reading.

NEW (27-Nov-2013)
Oberon-2 cross compiler for Transputer T800 written by Stephane Micheloud in 1990:
OP2 T800 compiler source code, running on Oberon System V4 ,
Diploma Thesis: Oberon Compiler Back-End für Inmos Transputer (in German only), and
User Guide: T800 Tool - Anleitung (in German only).

Many thanks to Stephane who searched many of his card board boxes to retrieve the one and only existing copy of the compiler on 3 1/2" Ceres structured diskettes, to Joos Dreesen who achieved to read it and create a binary disk image, and to Paul Reed who converted the files from the image.

In August-2013, coincidentely, Gavin published a Transputer emulator, written in C (open-source).

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