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modulAware Data Sheet

A2O V3.0: Oberon-2 Compiler

for HP OpenVMS Alpha (V6.2 or later) with ISO Modula-2 Standard Library and

for Alpha Oberon System AOS V4.1 under OpenVMS

modulAware's Oberon-2 compiler A2O directly generate native code OpenVMS object files for development of stand-alone programs. A2O can also generate AlphaOberon load files for applications to be executed under control of AlphaOberon.

1. Language Features

2. Standard functions and procedures

3. A2O Separate Library

Most Oberon-2 programs will make use of separately compiled utility modules by importing them. There are two conceptually completely different sets of libaries and a collection of low-level modules.

3.1. Separate library modules for stand-alone applications:

The full set of the ISO Modula-2 Standard Library (including ComplexMath, LongComplexMath, LowReal, and LowLong, Processes and Semaphores) plus extensions for the additional data types of the AXP processor is provided for the Oberon-2 compiler on AXP|VAX/OpenVMS. The full description (definition modules, description in English and formal semantic specification in VDM-SL) is contained in the ISO Modula-2 Standard document DIS 10514 (DIS available at the national standardisation organisations). The A2O distribution includes the Oberon-2 interface definition modules in source form and the Modula-2 implementation modules in object form. For more information, see ISO Modula-2 library interface specification, description and examples, and Oberon-2 interface specification and examples.

3.2. Separate library modules for AlphaOberon:

AlphaOberon is modulAware's implementation of the Oberon System V4 developed by N. Wirth and J. Gutknecht at ETH-Zürich. All standard Oberon modules are provided with AlphaOberon. They provide an object-oriented, extensible programming interface for text and graphics applications. The low-level modules Unix hides direct mapping to OpenVMS system and I/O-services. The low-level module X11 handles the display and mapping to OSF/Motif's XWindows layer. See Porting the Oberon System to AlphaAXP.

3.3. Standard utility and operating system interface modules:

A large collection of interface modules is contained in the A2O distribution kit. They can be used by stand-alone and AlphaOberon applications and provide data structures and procedure declarations for file-I/O (modules RMSAccess, RMS$), mathematical functions (module MTH$), run-time library (modules OTS$, FOR$, LIB$, STR$, SMG$), operating system services SYS$* (module VMS$), a set of 33 modules defining OpenVMS-constants (modules CIN$DEFIN, CLI$DEFIN, DC$DEFINI, DEV$DEFIN, ...) and also interface modules to OpenVMS' layered software products (OSF/Motif: DECW$Motif; XWindows: DECW$XlibDef, DECW$XLibMsg; Graphical Kernel System: GKS$DEFS, GKS$MSGS). Modules containing a "$"-sign in their name are so-called foreign interface modules; they have no corresponding implementation module written in Oberon-2 (or Modula-2). For more information, see 2nd part in Oberon-2 Compiler for OpenVMS (Aug-1992) (46KB) and Inside H2O (Jan-1994).

4. A2O Implementation Details

Per module means per compilation unit in the following:

All data is subject to change without notice.

Copyright (1992 - 2008) Günter Dotzel, modulAware.com

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