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Alpha Oberon System (AOS): 64 Bit Oberon System for OpenVMS Alpha


AOS is a 64 bit implementation of ETH-Zuerich's Oberon System V4 on Compaq's Digital Alpha under the OpenVMS operating system.
AOS runs on any Digital Alpha workstation on-top of OSF/Motif or a XWindows terminal connected to any Alpha server under OpenVMS V7.1.

AOS features:

  • Oberon-2 programs developed for ETH-Zuerich Oberon System V4, which do not contain 32 bit dependencies, are source code compatible with Alpha Oberon.
  • Compact Oberon object files with fast dynamic link/loader.
  • No linking required: programs can be executed directly after compilation.
  • Persistent objects (run-time type information).
  • Automatic garbage collector (GC) and smart exception handler.
  • Symbolic run-time and post-mortem debugger.
  • Fine grained symbol files (object model).
  • Full 64 bit addressing through OpenVMS' very large memory model (VLM64). Heap, program code, global data, strings, literals, procedure- and type-descriptors are all allocated in the so-called P2 space.
  • Year 2000 compliance.
  • Long file names.
  • The AOS distribution kit contains the Alpha OpenVMS Oberon boot-loader and the Alpha Oberon object files of the complete set of standard Oberon modules, tools and applications, which allow to read, modify and create Oberon System compatible, portable texts with embedded graphics under OpenVMS Alpha. The tools supplied with AOS include:
    • AsciiCoder compression/encoding tool.
    • Base64 decoder.
    • Beautifier program formatter.
    • Browser generates interface definition from symbol file.
    • Calc desktop calculator.
    • Class class extractor.
    • Coco/R compiler generator for fast compiler front ends.
    • Coroutines light-weight processes with stack-oveflow check and GC/exception handling support).
    • Count lines statements, and characters.
    • Debug symbolic run-time debugger.
    • Dialogs adds a graphical user interface to any existing application without programming. Dialogs. is extremly light-weight and fits smoothly into the Oberon System.
    • Directories wild-card directory access.
    • Draw line drawing editor.
    • Edit and XE, extensible hypertext editors.
    • EditPat pattern editor.
    • Edit2Latex Oberon texts (graphics, tables) to Latex converter.
    • Elems (ActiveArrow, Arrow, Automenu, Balloon, Bullet, Call, ClassRef, Clock, Command, Dialog, dclock, DigitalClock, Draft, Error, Fold, Font, Form, Graphic, Handler, Icon, Idle, Index, Info, Kepler, Latex, Line, Link, Loc, Macro, Mark, Menu, Mines, MyPopup, Object, Parc, PElems, Pict, Popup, Prog, Repet, SectionLink, Space, Stamp, Status, Style, Table, User, Version).
    • Expr mathematical expression system.
    • Find search in multiple files.
    • FontEdit Oberon font editor.
    • Make source code analyser.
    • Mess smart pretty printer.
    • Mines mine sweeper game.
    • Kepler sophisticated graphics editor.
    • LineSorter.
    • Oberon0 educational Oberon System.
    • Oberon-0 educational Oberon-0 compiler.
    • ObTris Tetris game.
    • Paint graphics editor.
    • Profiler source code formatter.
    • RX regular expression.
    • Scenarios object browser with graphical illustrations.
    • Sisiphus active icon.
    • TableElem spreadsheet.
    • UUDecode decoder.
    • VCS version control system.
  • The separate 64 bit Oberon-2 native code compiler for Alpha (A2O) allows to develop portable programs for text and graphics applications embedded within the Oberon System V4, as well as development of stand-alone Oberon-2 programs, i.e.: A2O can also generate OpenVMS object code files, to be used with the OpenVMS linker and the OpenVMS symbolic run-time debugger). A2O supports:
    • 8, 16, 32, 64 bit integer arithmetic and 32 bit and 64 bit pointers.
    • All five Alpha and VAX floating point data types (SYSTEM.S, T, F, D, G_FLOATING).
    • OpenVMS conforming procedure calling standard allows to call any OpenVMS system services and run-time library.
  • The AOS documentation consists of
  • More AOS details
  • Distribution media is 4mm DAT-cassette or TK-70 cartridge tape as OpenVMS backup-save-set. Other media on request.

AOS is available from ModulaWare for a handling charge. The AOS kit also contains a restricted version of A2O, which allows to compile small programs to evaluate the compiler for AlphaOberon. The price of the unrestricted Alpha Oberon-2 Compiler (A2O) depends on the Alpha workstation/server model.

A2O, AOS, H2O are trademarks of ModulaWare. Oberon is a trademark of ETH-Zürich, Switzerland. Alpha, DEC, OpenVMS are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp, U.S.A.

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